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Advocating for you in your LTD claim.

Mulqueen Disability Law knows that no one chooses to be unwell and without an income. Proving hard-to-prove Long Term Disability (LTD) claims, including those for invisible disabilities like mental illness, chronic pain, Long-COVID, immunological, and neurological conditions, is what we do best. In fact, it’s all we do. We strive to hold insurance companies accountable for the impact their decisions have on our clients’ lives.

We believe our clients have suffered enough. Our goal is to achieve the best possible outcome for each individual client while minimizing their stress in the process. We take our clients’ mental health seriously, and we draw on our education, training, and experience to provide clients with highly specialized legal services. Courtney’s unique team includes a former Insurance Company Litigation Case Manager, an Occupational Therapist with a Masters Degree in Law, a Senior LTD Litigation Law Clerk with over 10 years of LTD legal experience, as well as a team of well-trained legal support staff. All team members are certified in Trauma-Informed practice.

We know we can only provide our best service to our clients when we are at our best, Mulqueen Disability Law is committed to its team’s mental health and is dedicated to creating a workplace driven by the principles of equity, diversity, and inclusion.

Courtney Mulqueen – decades of LTD litigation experience

Our founding partner, Courtney Mulqueen, has over 20 years of experience litigating disability claims from both sides of the table. She would be the first to tell you that disability insurance law is all she knows and this would be an accurate reflection of the dedication she has shown to this area of law, from when she was first called to the Bar, to founding MK Disability Lawyers in 2016, and now leading Mulqueen Disability Law.

After graduating from Queen’s University Law School (2000) and articling at a leading insurance defence law firm in Toronto, Courtney spent the following several years acting as in-house litigation counsel for major life and health insurance companies (including Canada Life, Maritime Life, Manulife and OTIP) defending long-term disability claims, critical illness and life insurance claims.  Mulqueen Disability Law clients benefit from Courtney’s valuable insights and perspective that can only come from having worked on the “other side”.

Moving from Defence to Plaintiff LTD litigation was an easy transition for Courtney.  After starting a family and learning that her mother had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, Courtney sought a role that would allow her to apply her legal training, skills and expertise to help others suffering medically and financially due to hard-to-prove invisible disabilities.

When she is not practicing law, Courtney enjoys going on morning runs with her dog Stella; spending time outdoors rain, snow or shine; and taking impromptu road trips to “anywhere” with her three teenage children.

Dedicated to representing clients with invisible disabilities

Courtney is dedicated to advocating for disabled plaintiffs who suffer with complex invisible conditions like mental health and chronic conditions that are difficult to prove, diagnose and treat. In making the transition from insurance defence to plaintiff-side litigation, Courtney gained valuable experience representing disabled plaintiffs at a leading disability law firm in Toronto for several years before founding MK Disability Lawyers. Now, proudly leading Mulqueen Disability Law, Courtney continues to dedicate herself to proving her client’s invisible disabilities to insurance companies.

Courtney has extensive litigation and negotiation experience. She is a fierce advocate for her clients, garnering the respect of defence counsel, mediators and the legal community. She credits her success to her ability to listen with a view to understanding and to communicate in a way that conveys kindness and patience to her clients and persuasive authority and confidence to opposing counsel. 

Holistic, trauma-informed long-term disability services

Courtney’s view is that the better she understands her clients, the more effective she will be in conveying that understanding to insurance companies, resulting in better outcomes for her clients. She knows that to gain that understanding, her clients must be made to feel safe, supported and empowered. Courtney has prioritized accommodating her clients’ disabilities (including, adopting Trauma-Informed practices) as the foundation for achieving excellent resolutions with minimal stress to her clients.

Mulqueen Disability Law: providing comprehensive LTD legal services in Toronto & Markham

The skilled team at Mulqueen Disability Law has extensive experience litigating disability claims from both sides of the table and offers unparalleled representation to disabled clients. The firm is dedicated to advocating for clients who suffer from hard-to-prove, invisible medical issues, including mental health and chronic conditions. Our founder, Courtney Mulqueen, is passionate about sharing her knowledge of LTD law and helping clients navigate the financial, legal, and psychological pitfalls of disability insurance claims.

Mulqueen Disability Law has locations in Markham and Toronto and advocates for disabled clients across Ontario. We are committed to providing accessible legal services, including virtual assistance for those clients who have difficulty attending our offices in person. To discuss your LTD matter with a member of our responsive team, please contact us online or by phone at 416-900-0368 (toll-free at 833-363-3LAW [3529]).