We love our clients and they love us!

“very positive experience”

I have had a very positive experience. I worked with Courtney. She was very professional, knowledgeable, patient, compassionate, persistent, prompt to respond, positive yet realistic. I highly recommend Courtney! – A.D.R.

Thank you for your kind and complimentary words. It has truly been my pleasure to help you at such a difficult time in your life. We wish you all good things to come! – Courtney

“very pleased with the level of honesty and helpfulness”

I’m very pleased with the level of honesty and helpfulness that Courtney has shown while I have been waiting patiently for the insurance company to make a decision. She always takes the time to answer my questions and responds promptly. – A.Z.

Thank you so much for this. I can only imagine how hard it was to wait for so long for the insurance company to make a decision. I’m glad I could be there to help you when you needed me and that you never felt like you were having to wait for me. You know I’m here for you, if you need me in the future…but hopefully, you won’t. All the very best! – Courtney

“supportive and helpful”

Courtney has been very supportive and helpful throughout my LTD dispute. She’s very knowledgeable and has provided great help and guidance in the process. Highly recommend!! – B.U.I.

B, thank you for recommending me. I very much appreciate your review and I’m hoping it will also help others not feel anxious to reach out to me, if they need my support. You, nor anyone else should not have to go through this alone and without the knowledge you need to pursue your rights. Thank you again, it means so much to me. – Courtney

“knowledgeable and reliable”

I highly recommend! Courtney Mulqueen is a very knowledgeable and reliable lawyer. She did what she said she would do! As well, Courney is superior at client care. Being in a dispute with one’s disability insurance provider while being very unwell physically and/or mentally puts one in a most vulnerable place. Courtney was mindful of the psychology of all this. She was sensitive and supportive. She treated me as a professional and a partner. Thank you, Courtney and Team! – A.K.

So very nice of you to say! I know how stressful and overwhelming it can be when the insurance company denies your claim. You’re fighting spirit was inspiring and I’m glad I could be there to empower you and help you when you were not well enough to do it on you own. Jobbulást! – Courtney

“Courtney has been a blessing”

Finding Courtney has been a blessing and I could not imagine a more positive experience with an attorney. Prior to retaining Courtney, she was incredibly considerate, responsive and effective in providing my options. The experience was even more positive after retaining Courtney. She remained just as thoughtful and considerate allowing me to feel as if I was not on my own. Her intelligence, experience, and willingness to utilize her own network resulted in a massive win.

However, what might be most telling about Courtney is that after the case was won, Courtney remained incredibly responsive and helpful, after unexpected issues arose. Courtney had already accomplished everything I asked for, and absolutely nothing to gain at this point, yet she still invested time and energy to ensure a positive outcome. This speaks to Courtney’s golden character. I am fortunate to have connected with Courtney. I can’t thank you enough! – S.A.

Thanks, S. It’s has been and continues to be my pleasure to assist you. I appreciate your ongoing trust in me and I’m glad to hear that you feel supported and that you know that I’m here for you, as needed. Thank you so much for you glowing review. – Courtney

“always available to speak with me”

I want to give a huge shout out to Courtney Mulqueen and Emily Rimes for the services they provided me. Courtney and Emily are extremely knowledgeable and personable. They did a great job. They were always available to speak with me at anytime by phone or email even on weekends. I am glad that I came across them where all my questions and concerns were addressed. I highly recommend them.

Merci beaucoup! – P.K.

Dear P, thank you so much for your lovely words. We are so happy that everything worked out for you. Should you need anything in the future, please do not hesitate to reach out. – Courtney

“constantly kept me in the loop”

To say that Courtney was kind, helpful, knowledgeable and caring is an understatement. From the moment I talked to Emily (Senior Law Clerk) – and Courtney (Lawyer) – they both immediately put me at ease. What was at the forefront of every conversation with them, was kindness and a caring heart, which is rare to find.

For the last several months, I was dealing with a matter that was HIGHLY stressful. Immediately Courtney gave me the reassurance that she would be able to help me … and she did just that.

One of the many reasons it was easy to work with Courtney and Emily was in terms of communication. They were always quick to respond when I had a question or concern and they constantly kept me ‘in the loop’.

Courtney was always easy to talk to, very positive, experienced, compassionate and considerate. By talking to Courtney for more than a couple of minutes you can tell this is her demeanor and she brings this positivity and empathy to her clients.

I strongly urge you to use Courtney if you have any issues related to their area of law. You will be impressed by their professionalism, intelligence, passion and overall kindness. It was a pleasure to work with Courtney and Emily. – J.C.

“well-reasoned practical advice”

Courtney is just amazing! Kind, responsive and she provides well-reasoned practical advice. I honestly cannot say enough good things about her. When you are in a tough situation where you need a lawyer you need someone who is caring and also able to provide excellent legal services. It can be hard to find someone who excels at both of these things and she absolutely does. I did not regret my decision to work with her for one second and she frequently met and exceeded any expectations I had. – M.I.

Thank you for this stunning review. Your words mean so much to me and I hope others will feel less anxious about contacting me if they need my help the way you did. It was my privilege to be able to fight for you and support you through an incredibly difficult time. If you are ever in my neck of the woods, I would love to catch up and if you ever need me in the future, never hesitate to reach out. – Courtney

“an immense weight was lifted”

Courtney and her team are truly amazing! They are professional, understanding, and compassionate. From the moment I contacted her office, an immense weight was lifted of my shoulders, she is a breathe of fresh air. She far exceeded my expectations and got me a settlement I am more than happy with. I highly recommend, you won’t be disappointed! – K.D.

K, thank you for your kind words and for trusting us with this very important matter in your life. It was truly our pleasure to help you and we wish you all the best! – Courtney

“a straight shooter”

Courtney Mulqueen is a kind and decent attorney. She is a good listener and she gave me good legal counsel about my disability benefits. She is a straight shooter and will tell you like it is. She is not a “rip off” and will not mislead you. If you need an honest person to fight for you, then do not hesitate to have Courtney on your side. Not too many out there like her. – D.G.

“always available to answer my questions”

It was an absolute pleasure to work with Courtney. Going through an LTD process is very stressful and having somebody like Courtney alongside you makes it so much easier. She was always available to answer my questions and very promptly replied to my emails. Super pleasant to talk to and very knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anybody who is applying for the long term disability benefits. – M.M.

“put my mind at ease”

I meet with Courtney Mulqueen to discuss my LTD rejection letter. Right away Courtney put my mind at ease, she explained the process of appealing and educated me on providing the medical information that would support my claim.

Through this advice, I was able to win the appeal and am currently receiving LTD benefits. For every step of my LTD claim I will definitely seek the support of Courtney Mulqueen. Courtney has made the process less stressful and changed my life at a time when my family and I needed the help the most! Thank you Courtney, your involvement is absolutely invaluable. – D.D.

“exceeded our expectations”

Courtney and Emily exceeded our expectations. Courtney is a great listener and she truly cares. 100% recommend their services to anyone looking for a lawyer. – J.T.

Thank you so much for your review and I hope you and your family are doing well. If you ever need me in the future or if you ever want to catch up, please always feel free to reach out. – Courtney

“genuinely cares about people”

Courtney was professional, highly knowledgeable and someone who genuinely cares about people. She was supportive and reassuring during a difficult time. She will fight for your rights! – L.I.

Thank you so much L.! I am so happy that it worked out for you. I am here if you need anything further. – Courtney

“a lawyer working for justice”

I’ve been fortunate to have the same mechanic, accountant, doctor, investment advisor for over 35 years. I trust them to have my best interests as their goal – not out of charity but out of integrity and upholding what they do to their highest standards. I am placing facets of my life in their hands so I rely on them to expertly care for what I am not an expert in.

This should be the same with a lawyer. You don’t want to have any regrets or to, “wish they had done this…” after the fact. We find a lawyer because we feel an injustice has happened to us. We want someone who is an expert in the legal system, who will ask the right questions and keep fighting on our behalf… “Why?”, “What if?”, “Based on what?” are questions I would like them to ask. I’ve dealt with corporate lawyers for my work in the past, and it was always so irritating to have long verbose conversations, being billed by the minute, when what needed to be said could be done in 5 minutes.

Recently, some major medical problems have put me in a difficult and somewhat intimidating position never having navigated this process of disability insurance for a medical leave. I was already physically and emotionally weak from the injuries, and the outcome of my claim would so significantly impact our lives – my wife and kids, food and home, expenses and savings – all facing an insurance system that places its own financial interests before its clients.

I left a worried email asking for an appointment on Friday evening, and Courtney’s assistant called me back on Saturday! Then on Monday morning, I received a call from Courtney. It was so assuring to experience her genuine caring about my situation, and to spend so much time helping me navigate the first steps, even though I had not hired them. Like others say in their reviews, she listened to me with empathy and patience, considered all things, then provided sound advice that made sense and addressed issues I had not considered. After several conversations which lasted until everything important was covered, I felt so much better and confident that my disability application was proper and complete. She even spent an hour, afterwards, helping me prepare factually and emotionally for the impending interview.

We, both, were confident that I would likely not need to retain their services, but yet, she continued to answer emails and take calls from me to answer some more questions, never giving me a feeling that I was taking up her time. In full honesty, I believe she did this out of kindness, caring, and integrity as a lawyer working for justice. These are characteristics anyone would want when entrusting their future into the hands of their lawyer. In more than five decades of dealing with people in business and life, I’ve learnt to recognize traits of trustworthy people. I FULLY trust Courtney Mulqueen – and you will, too. At this point, I’m still waiting to hear back from the insurer for a decision. If there is a need to appeal, then I will feel so supported with Courtney and her team in my corner.

I wish she also practiced other areas of law for which I need legal help. I’d hire her in a second! – J.L.

J, it has been my pleasure and privilege to assist and support you through this difficult process. Your kind words and trust in me, means the world. I’m here for you, if you need me in the future….but hopefully, the insurance company will make the right decision and you will be able to focus your energy on more positive and less stressful things. – Courtney

“amazing to deal with”

I spoke with Courtney Mulqueen after receiving a settlement package for a LTD claim. I was terrified that if I didn’t accept the settlement my coverage would be declined at the next renewal date. It was the week before Christmas and Courtney made time to meet with me and reviewed the settlement. She calmed me down and made sure I understood the pros and cons of accepting the settlement or keeping with my claim. She wanted to make sure that I was making the decision that was right for me.

Courtney was amazing to deal with. – J.B.

Thank you for your review. It was my privilege to review your matter with you and to weigh your options. I remember that I did not want you to feel stress over the holidays and I’m glad I was able to carefully review your matter for you and support you in your decision making. I hope you have since had many better days and if you should ever need me in the future, my door is always open. – Courtney

“couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer”

I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it was to work with both Courtney and Emily. And how much stress they took off my shoulders. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer to represent my case. Super responsive. Never hesitated to answer any of my questions and concerns.

I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you for everything you both have done! – J.N.

“intelligent, honest and effective”

Extremely intelligent, honest and effective.

Prior to finding Courtney I spoke with other attorneys eager to take my case on a contingency basis. Courtney honestly explained that because of the late stage of my claim, a traditional contingency agreement would end up costing me more than was appropriate. Initally it seemed I may not need counsel at all, but Courtney still took the time to speak twice, for 2 hours each time, without charging me anything. Then when I did end up hiring Courtney, she remained cognizant of time, ensuring no hours unnecessarily racked up. She also uncovered additional misconduct I had missed and I had spent dozens of hours reviewing my case.

When racial discrimination committed by my insurer was exposed, Courtney brought in partner attorney Rupa who documented this discrimination in a way that would resonate in a press release, and also in court. It was important to me that the insurer paid for their racism, and Rupa ensured this outcome. The racism was generally subtle enough that a less skilled lawyer might not have been able to accomplish this.

Uncovering years of mistreatment from my insurer left me spiteful. Courtney provided options to use this negative energy to fuel efforts that ultimately increased my leverage. Courtney converted this into a life-altering settlement that other attorneys told me was impossible. Courtney accurately predicted the max the insurer would be willing to pay, then helped shake them for an additional 10%. I think I was subconsciously worried that because Courtney and Rupa are so kind and considerate, they might be less effective negotiators than a stereotypically sleazy lawyer, but thankfully this thinking was wrong. They squeezed out every last drop from the insurer then mopped the floor w its carcass. Just as satisfying as the money is the feeling of defeating the corporation that wronged me. – B.Z.

We were so pleased to assist in getting you an outcome that you were happy with. We thank you for your kind review! – Courtney

“friendly and approachable”

Courtney Mulqueen was very friendly and approachable, extremely well-informed, and was always available to speak/consult with me about my LTD application. I was much more confident about my OTIP claim after asking Courtney questions throughout the process. I have since referred friends to her. – A.M.

A., I’m so glad I could help with your LTD application and that you were APPROVED! I wish you all the very best in your recovery and in your LTD claim. If they ever give you a hard time, I got your back! – Courtney

“ensured all my questions were answered”

I found Courtney Mulqueen to be well-informed, insightful and pleasant. She ensured all my questions were answered and made me feel comfortable in our communications. I highly recommend. – L.A.

First of all I want to thank Courtney and Emily for all the hard work and patience with me and the other party concerned. I just received my settlement and I’m very happy with the outcome. I will recommend to everyone for ever thanks – J.W.

J, thank you so much for your kind and complimentary words. I know the time we spent together helped me understand you and your case better and also helped reduce the stress of litigation on you, and also a big part of why we were able to resolve your case in a way that made you happy. – Courtney

“absolutely amazing”

Courtney was absolutely amazing, supportive and professional, yet very approachable. I highly recommend this firm! – S. & E.

So very nice of you to say! I wish you both all the best in the future and if you should ever need our help again, you know where to find me. – Courtney

“an outstanding lawyer”

Courtney, you are not just an outstanding lawyer, you are also an exceptional human being! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! – I.G.

“always helpful and truly cared”

Courtney and her team were amazing. They were always helpful and truly cared about our situation. Courtney made herself available to answer any and all questions and took the time to provide us with all the information. Highly recommend. – B.D.

B., thank you so very much for your positive review. It was truly a pleasure getting to know you and your family and working collaboratively to achieve an excellent resolution. Thank you for trusting me to lead this fight! – Courtney

“a huge burden off my shoulders”

After a very negative and stressful experience with the insurance company, I researched and found Courtney. From the first time that I spoke with Courtney, it was evident that she is very knowledgeable, professional and compassionate. I had no hesitation in retaining her to handle my case. She kept me informed about the status of the case on a timely basis. She lifted a huge burden off my shoulders. The result was a success!


T., thank you so much for your positive review. It was my pleasure to help you through a very stressful time and I could not have been more pleased with how your matter resolved. I wish you many better days ahead! – Courtney

“kindness and genuine concern”

I knew I was in good hands right from the beginning of my first consultation. I never felt lost or in the dark as to what was happening with my case. Your hard work ensured I received every last dollar I was entitled to. Thank you for making one of the most difficult times in my life as stress free as possible. I appreciate all your hard work and especially your kindness and genuine concern for my well being. – D.B.

“timely updates”

Listening and advising prior to my becoming a client. Proceeding to a suit, rather than letting the insurance company continue playing rope-a-dope. Providing timely updates around availability (even during vacation) and next steps. – B.S.

“superb legal skills”

I had an excellent experience. The entire legal (disability) process was a positive one including communication, sharing of sensitive information, collaboration with healthcare professionals, and the extensive amount of evidential work completed on my behalf. The final outcome was very successful illustrated by highly professional legal and mediating expertise. My deep gratitude to Courtney regarding her superb legal skills and compassionate nature. – S.S.

“took care of the entire issue”

I really appreciated that you took care of it & minimized the work/input I had to do. Courtney worked diligently and efficiently to understand my disability and my case. She took care of the entire issue, minimizing the burden on me. This allowed me to stay focused on my health. I would definitely go back to Courtney if I have legal issues in the future. – Y.M.

“friendly, approachable, extremely well-informed”

Courtney Mulqueen was very friendly and approachable, extremely well-informed, and was always available to speak/consult with me about my LTD application. I was much more confident about my claim after asking Courtney questions throughout the process. I have since referred friends to her. – A.M.

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