Toronto & Markham Long Term Disability (LTD) Legal Services

You may not know what kind of help you need

At Mulqueen Disability Law, our clients often contact us without knowing exactly what kind of help they need.  At your free, confidential initial consultation, we will review your matter and advise you what services we recommend for your unique case and will explain our fees.

During your initial consultation, we will listen to you, ask questions, identify your issues/challenges, often discovering issues you might not have previously considered.  We will provide you with guidance, information and insights, and make suggestions for how best to proceed. We will also often provide a summary of our consultation with a list of “To Do” items for you via email so you can feel less anxious and more engaged during our meeting.

Offering the personalized LTD help you need, every step of the way

At Mulqueen Disability Law, we strongly believe that we rise by lifting others. The type of help you need from us might change over time. We will be the first to tell you if and how we can help you or if you we are not able to assist you or add any additional value by being retained.

If there is a way for you to move forward without having to retain us, we will always start there.

We will happily help with minor matters, including reviewing completed forms or preparing for a telephone interview, and will do so at minimal to no cost whenever possible. If the best way forward is for us to take over your dispute either by appealing or litigating the matter, we will offer you a Retainer Agreement.

Our goal is always to add value by helping our clients resolve their disputes quickly and fairly, while insulating them from unnecessary stress and anxiety. While some cases require litigation, others do not. Some clients may only need us to provide them with our information, insights, and suggestions to ensure their LTD claim is approved. Whenever possible, we will help clients avoid time-consuming and costly litigation against their insurance companies.  We value our clients’ trust in us and prioritize our duty to provide them with honest and straightforward opinions and guidance.

Providing multi-faceted, collaborative long-term disability services

Clients who retain Mulqueen Disability Law to assist with their long-term disability matter benefit from our holistic, collaborative approach. To the extent that our expertise allows, we may offer advice and representation in other legal matters when they overlap with our clients’ LTD claims, including human rights complaints, employment issues, and Canada Pension Plan (CPP) disability claims.  

Mulqueen Disability Law collaborates with other lawyes who may already be assisting our client with a related dispute, such as an employment termination. We work closely with all counsel to strategize the proper timing of settlements and Releases to ensure all of our clients’ claims are protected, and all settlements are structured to maximize our clients’ compensation.

If we can’t help you, we have a broad referral network of highly skilled professionals, including lawyers specializing in complicated employment matters.  We will not hesitate to refer clients as needed and then, if necessary we will work collaboratively to ensure the best possible resolutions of all of our clients’ legal issues.

Contact Mulqueen Disability Law for quality, experienced LTD assistance in Markham, York Region & the Greater Toronto Area

Mulqueen Disability Law is a highly specialized law firm with over 20 years of experience litigating complex long-term disability cases. Courtney Mulqueen has litigated LTD claims on behalf of insurers and plaintiffs, providing her clients with an “insider” advantage. The team at Mulqueen Disability Law includes professionals from various disciplines and backgrounds who add their expertise and contribute to providing high-value litigation services to our clients. We are passionate about providing individualized legal services to clients suffering from invisible conditions, including mental health issues and chronic pain.

With an office in Markham and a meeting room in Toronto, Mulqueen Disability Law proudly advocates for disabled clients throughout Ontario and beyond. We offer flexible fee arrangements and accessible legal representation, including virtual legal services for those unable to meet with us in person. To discuss your LTD matter with a member of our trauma-informed team, please contact us online or by phone at 416-900-0368 (or toll-free at 833-363-3LAW [3529]).